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  Product category
Cross skeleton (data cable)
Cable oil filling paste
Polyester bag around with
Printing belt
Chromatography (SD)
Lu: su composite belt (AL)
Non-woven fabric
Flame retardant glass fiber ta…
High low smoke zero halogen fl…
Electrical isolation of paper
Polyamide tear line
Mesh filling line
Glass fiber rope (CC)
Halogen-free flame retardant f…
Identify with
The market with heat seal
High temperature chromatograph…
Polyester belt
Light without the fabric
Mica tape
  Contact us

General manager of

Telephone: 0512-65391034

Fax: 0512-66726120

Email address: gujb@sz-jingyi.com

Marketing Department:

Telephone: 0512-65391034

Fax: 0512-66726120

Mobile phone: (Mr Gu)

Email address: zhengxy@sz-jingyi.com

Address: suzhou at each town lake development zone tengfei road no. 7


  About us

Suzhou jing yi cable material co., LTD is a company specializing in the production of cable materials (hot color of belt, polyester belt, cable filling paste, aluminum-plastic composite belt, meter printer ink) of the manufacturer, the product is the original pin southeast Asia and other countries.

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